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Learn, Save, Budget

It is hoped that, from the cradle to the grave, one will never stop learning about the values of saving some money each week, accompanied by a budget. We must become conscious of wise saving and wise spending. The school bank, where it is established, is a safe place for the young students to start. For others, it could be another financial institution.

As you are aware, we are turning towards a cashless society. No matter how long we ride this planet, money will be a constant companion and will always be part of us. A budget can be a helper. Changes to our money system in the future is something we all have to live with no matter what.

The world is a school room, life an education. We never stop learning—even about money.

Good advice to help us all is to save some money wisely (and preferably on a weekly basis) and to spend it wisely using a budget as a helpmate.

May reading this book be advantageous and an education about the money you earn.