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authorDaryl Rixon was employed with the one bank for forty-three years. The author gained honors from a technical college in bookkeeping and accounts. The author studied several other related banking subjects. You can’t beat on-the-job training in both the savings and trading banks—postage clerk; ledger keeper; examiner; teller; note issue teller; enquiry clerk and supervisor.

The author also conducted searches at the titles office in Brisbane for home loans. His promotions eventually included school liaison officer, agency liaison officer, arrears officer in the home loans department—senior relieving officer and business development. The author was mainly attached to administration. As a senior relieving officer, the author acted as a senior supervisor, branch accountant, and relieving manager. Lending money was part of it. The author trained bank staff, merchants, and their staff in EFTPOS and ATM procedures. The author seconded to charge card services limited for six months to introduce Bankcard into Queensland. The author also opened many Christmas club accounts while acting as Santa for one month. Lastly, he was appointed a business development officer attached to Card Centre Brisbane due to restructuring of the bank. The author finished his banking career as a contractor to Card Centre Sydney and two other Sydney-based companies.

The four years as a school liaison officer gave the author opportunity to travel throughout the state of Queensland and visit many schools. It was his role to inculcate the habit of thrift to students, reminding them of the importance of budgeting. Students appreciated being shown overseas currency also. These four years were enjoyed immensely. It was, practically, a marvelous, diversified banking career. Consequently, the author was inspired to write this book.